Chief Judge Frank Sander

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Frank “Thunder” Sander returns to Gulf Bike Week as Chief  Judge of the Middle East Custom Bike Build Championships in 2015. Frank has become a respected Chief Judge at many bike shows around the world and regularly speaks at and organises events worldwide. In 2005 he attended the very first Dubai Bike Week as a photographer and later I started judging and organising the Middle East Custom Bike Build Championships at Gulf Bike Week as it is known today.

Frank started life as a car mechanic and then became an aircraft mechanic. During that time Frank was racing cars for 15 years, building his own suspension systems and modifying engines too.

He started his business, Thunder Media, 15 years ago as a motorcycle & car photographer and journalist and covered events like Sturgis & Daytona. You will find Frank’s stories and pictures in magazines around the world.

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