Edward Winterhalder Guest Appearance

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Don't miss your chance to meet biker legend Edward Winterhalder at Gulf Bike Week 2015. Edward will be signing copies of his books throughout the 3 days at the show. 

Edward currently has a film crew following him making a film about his life, who will be joining him at Gulf Bike Week.

Edward Winterhalder
is the world’s leading authority on motorcycle clubs and the outlaw biker lifestyle; his ten books about the culture are sold internationally, and one, The Assimilation: Rock Machine Become Bandidos, has been published in multiple languages.

He was associated with motorcycle clubs and outlaw bikers for almost thirty years, and has been seen on  Fox News (the O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly & America's Newsroom), CNN, Bravo, Al Jazeera, BBC, ABC Nightline, MSNBC News Nation, Good Morning America, History Channel, Global, National Geographic, History Television, AB Groupe, and CBC. In addition to his literary endeavors, he is a consultant to the entertainment industry, and has produced episodes of TV series such as Outlaw Bikers, Gang World, Marked, Biker Chicz, Living On The Edge, and Gangland.

Edwards official website is: www.blockheadcity.com

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