Judging Criteria & Rules

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The judging criteria is:

  • Overall harmony
  • Finish (all over)
  • Metalwork/or Plasticwork
  • Style
  • Paint
  • Chrome or polishing
  • Wiring
  • Selfmade ideas
  • Technic / driveability
  • Selfmade or aftermarket parts. (Number of modifications and harmony)
  • Technical and style innovation (frame, engine, suspension, brakes)
  • Damages from driving on frame or paint is ok

 Rules and Regulations:

  • Every bike has to run
  • Bigger Wheels, aftermarket forks and swingarm modifications are allowed in the stock classes.
  • Classes will be checked at the registration.
  • Winners must be present 15 minutes prior to the prize giving ceremony to line up in presentation order
  • Class will be checked at registration. The chief judge can change classes in of case of engine and frame modifications

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